Minutes of Hook History Society - Feb 28th 2020

Present: Ann Welham; Marianne Edwards; Norman Jones; Chris Jones; Jeanette Phillips; and Richard Howells.

Apologies were received from: Godfrey Thornberry; Shirley Hackett and John Edwards.

History Week: Marianne told the group that for the planned trip to St Fagans the coach had been booked (53 seater with Taf Valley). The fare would be £12.50 with £10 for children). The coach would leave Hook at 8 o’clock and depart St Fagans at 4 o’clock. There was free entry to St Fagans and the fare included a “tip” for the driver.

Norman Jones reported on the boat trip which would take place on June 23rd...leaving Brunel Quay, Neyland, at six pm prompt. The fare would be £10.50 which included a tip for the crew. The boat could accommodate 40 passengers and the excursion would be upstream towards Hook. The charge was £150 per hour and was expected to take two hours .Should the trip exceed the two hour mark it would not be of major concern.

Norman and Marianne will email ticket information to RH who will attend to printing tickets using the firm that recently completed the Exhibition panels. At a planned talk by Dr Robert Davies on April 30th details of the Week would be announced and tickets for the two events above made available. Within a few days all those on email list would be brought up to date and a week later the plans for a History Week announced in the media. All ticket sales will be on a first come first served basis.

On Saturday 25th David and Ann will organise walk and the favoured route is Underwood taking in Fowborough with a coffee in the Club afterwards. Detail will be finalised nearer the occasion. 

On the morning of the 22nd a coffee morning will be held in the Club.....there will be no charge but a donation jar will be available. The ladies of the Committee and other members of the Forum will take care of the detail and on the Wednesday and up to about 4 o’clock on the Thursday the recent Exhibition will be reconstructed and be made available to view. The Exhibition element will be cared for by Godfrey and Richard. Nearer the time volunteers will be called for to handle the manning.

RH presented the account from Kestrel Web Solutions and the work of Derek Phillips was met with satisfaction it being agreed that the current pages were a definite improvement on the Society’s initial effort. RH reported that Derek Phillips had very kindly offered to take on the role that was in effect Webmaster. In future when the Society wished to add something to the pages it should be emailed to Derek. It was agreed that he be circulated with the minutes of meetings and he would be most welcome to attend meetings should he wish to. 

Marianne brought members up to date with what she and Ann had planned for the Talks programme. Thursday March 12th Dr Simon Hancock (Prisons of Haverfordwest); 30th April Dr Robert Davies (Milford Haven Waterway); September 3rd Sam Blaxland and on October 29th John Evans (The Hidden Airfields of Pembrokeshire). RH produced a draft poster which was approved. He will print a dozen or so and deliver.

RH was asked to write to Mrs Margaret Hannaford to enquire if the Society could in any way benefit from the historical information/material that may have been collected over the years by the sister Dorothy and Betty Phillips.

Ann reported that the Society had £1694 in Lloyds Bank.

David Douglas brought the meeting up to speed with the ongoing liaison with the village school. He and GT had met staff and it was proposed to meet up again on March 4th. At the meeting the possibility of a walk for children and conducted by the Society would be broached. David also told members of progress with regard the archiving project. The staff responsible would like a short meeting with the Society and 10.30am on March he 6th was selected. 

RH reported that the person responsible for producing the Black Diamond had withdrawn and RH on behalf of the Society had past the information on to the Clerk of the Community Council as it was this body that paid for the production.

Forum secretary had replied in a similar vein. A letter was also received from the Chair of the Community Council referring to proposed VE day celebrations. He was told the Society had no plans as they were totally occupied with History Week preparation and a talks programme. They would, however, do all they could to support the Community Council in any initiative they decided to undertake.

At this point the meeting concluded.