Since its formation in 2012 the Society has organised a series of talks; walks and film shows that give supporters an insight into the history of the village and surrounding area.

Talks have been varied, always well supported, and covered a wide range of diverse subjects. John Evans, an author of a number of books on Pembrokeshire’s role in the aerial conflict of the Second World War  majored on the iconic Sunderlands which were closely associated with Pembroke Dock and the Milford Haven waterway. Local university student, Sam Blaxland, has researched the County’s political scene specialising on the period when Desmond Donnelly the maverick Member of Parliament for Pembrokeshire was unseated by Nicholas Edwards, who was to become Secretary of State for Wales and on his retirement elevated to the House of Lords as Lord Crickhowel.

Doctor Simon Hancock is a regular speaker and appreciated supporter of the Society and has taken as his subjects topics as varied as The Last Man to Hang in Pembrokeshire to Witchcraft in the 17th century. Historian Mark Muller, who resides in the village, has related the fascinating tale that surrounds the many German prisoners of war who were posted to camps in the County during the 1940’s…….many opting to remain here when the war ended. Mark has also played a significant role in two of the walks organised by the Society.

Former journalist, Ted Goddard, told of the more interesting and in some circumstances mysterious circumstances of shipwrecks off the Pembrokeshire coast and there have also been close ties with neighbouring Llangwm History Society and their exciting project centred on St Jerome’s Church.

Rob Scourfield author of a number of books and articles on the subject gave an interesting insight to into Pembrokeshire dialects, many of the words and phrases continue to be used by local people throughout Pembrokeshire today.

The two highly acclaimed dvd’s produced by the Society……THE BLACK DIAMOND VILLAGE…….and THE RESTORATION OF THE BOGGY LANE KILN…….were shown to appreciative audiences as was the independent television produced documentary on the village’s Compass net fishing. Visits have included the Church of St Mary’s in Haverfordwest and the Museum of Scrimpinology in Llangwm.

The iconic Spitfire fighter aircraft which played such an important role in Battle of Britain was the subject of a talk by RAY BURGESS , the chair of the group which is endeavoring to restore JG668………a fighter which although built in the UK was allocated to the Royal Australian Air Force in 1944. Mr Burgess outlined the massive task that lay ahead and invited members to visit the Welsh Spitfire Museum in Haverfordwest 


Anyone wishing to be kept informed of forthcoming events can have their names added to the Society’s e-mail list via the CONTACT section of these pages.